a. Right now, I believe my softball athlete need both systems to perform at their best.

b. Off-season, we will be focusing on developing speed, the first step, acceleration

c. But I will program a lot of aerobic type on the back end of the week and even program light intensity days -heavy volume in the weight room with 4 or 5 exercises being perform back to back.

d. At the D2 level pretty much every game is a double header. So, I need my girls to be fast when their running bases, but I need their aerobic system to pick up the slack when they are standing in center-field not moving, cause the other team cant hit. You are mostly going to be standing a lot longer then you are running.

e. Now think of that when you have game that starts at 1 and ends at 2:30 and then you another at 3:15 to 4:45. Basically doing some sort work for nearly 3 hours. Having a solid aerobic system will help the other systems recover faster.


a. I only have my softball athlete perform light weights for the first 4 weeks of each fall semester and maybe 2 weeks coming back in the Spring. This is to just ease them back into lifting, conditioning, and school. Re-learning to cope with all that stress.

i. From there, we start transition and moving up to heavier loads in the Fall. I want them to be strong. I need their strength to increase, so we can into the last few weeks of the fall working into a Power phase, 30-80%- focusing on bar speed and sled pulls and prowler pushes. My goal is to increase their Rate of Force Development.

ii. Pitchers – if takes 2 seconds to reach their peak force development, but its only takes you 1.5 seconds during the second half of your pitch, then you are leaving force on table. So, my goal is decrease that 2 seconds, get them to reach their peak force output quicker so they can put more behind their pitch which could increase speeds.

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