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As athletes, we are constantly trying to improve ourselves. Trying to find that edge that will help us overcome our opponents.

Enter SL Strength, an experienced coaching professional. By providing athletes with the right tools and knowledge, SL Strength has helped athletes unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success.

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Coach Shane aided me in my recovery and helped transition me back to full activity after my ACL injury.  He always explained the reasoning why we did things in a certain way.  He created a environment the boost my confidence through preparation to become a better athlete!


My name is Sara. I am a junior at San Diego State University, where I run track and field. I worked with Coach Shane 2017-2018, my last year of high school at IMG. It was the strongest I had ever been while being the lightest I had been in the previous two years. My lifting was at its peak working with him, and I think it was because he really focused on specific strengthening. He wanted to have everyone’s programs specific to what they did event wise. I also had a PCL injury during this time that he helped me work through. Lifting with him was exciting because he always changed things up and it was never just your typical Olympic lifting. Something that stood out the most while working with him, was body tempering. Before/after lifting, we would get the chance to do this in order to break up the fascia and loosen up our muscles. He would put a kettle bell on any tight areas, to prep the muscle for lift and help with soreness the next day. This was a game changer. Overall, he is the best strength coach I have had, and I’ve had different ones each year in my college career as well.

Sara - Multi

My name is Alix, I am junior at the University of Virginia, where I run track and field.  I had the pleasure of working with Coach Shane my last year at IMG Academy. The first thing that I noticed was his attention to detail. He never allowed me to just ‘do the movement’ but had patience to explain and allow me to understand the "WHY" I was doing certain exercises. This positively impacted me not only in the weight room but also out on the track. I became more aware and confident of asking why I was doing certain drills and it made me more self-aware of my training. He could always tell when we were completely warn out and needed recovery sessions or just a day off.   By doing this he helped me to stay healthy and more injury resilient by bringing his knowledge and research to sessions. He knew what my strengths and weaknesses were and helped me work through them.

Alix - Multi

My name is Kacey. I was a pitcher at Southwest Baptist University from 2013-2017. My sophomore and junior years I was able to work with Coach Shane in the weight room. I had worked out before, but never to the level Coach Shane pushed us to. Everything we did in the weight room directly transferred to the field and there was never a time I wondered why we were doing something. Shane is excellent at personalizing plans and making sure that you become better in whatever aspect is needed for you to excel. I was 19 and 145lb and, through Coach Shane’s programs, was able to rep max 300 squat. He would even come in early on game days so we could get a pre-game lift in. Working with Coach Shane changed the path of my collegiate softball career. I definitely would not have been the athlete I was without his coaching.

Kacey - Softball


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